A photograph lasts forever. it capture a unique 

time in a person’s life – one that can never be regained and which
holds specific memories both for its subject and the person viewing
it. A portrait of a loved one shows how much you care for them.
Photographing children and babies is a demanding , but oh so satisfying.

  Weddings are as individual as we are, with their 

own distinctive style and grace so by using a combination of traditional
and story-telling techniques I aim to put into pictures what you put into
words. What I can tell you is that I really love what I do and I spend allot
of time refining perfecting and even obsessing over my work.
It is a passion.....

  I feel that I have one of the best jobs in the world

and I’m honored each and every time I am asked to photograph a
wedding, fashion, birthday, family portraits and all the other special occasion.

  Through a creative eye I have the power to draw the 

key focal points in a shot and to impact the ‘feeling’ an "emotion" of an image.
These are just some of the elements of composition that I consider in my
photography. They reflect my own enthusiastic style and personality
into every photography shoot.

  I also offers a range of Wedding Photography Packages. 

Weddings are as individual as we are, with their own distinctive style and
grace. Thomas Kraft Photography aims to put into pictures what you put
in words. Packages’ to include all of the essential elements of wedding
photography, which reflects the artistry and creativity of contemporary
wedding photography.


  • Weddings
  • Holiday photo's
  • Birthday Parties
  • Model portfolio's
  • Family Portraits
  • I'll shoot your home and office Holiday Festitvities.


  • Photoshop and Black and White Photography